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Notes and observations from the world of book publishing

Why on earth to a publishing career?

Then I was offered a job about 7 months ago in a big publishing company. You have been probably heard this saying that men socialize insulting each other, but not really meaning it. Now my friends are asking “why you jumped from other soon to be extinct business to another?”. Just to clarify, before I was working in the printing industry. All though there might be some analogy between those, I think they are facing completely different challenges. In the printing industry, the demand for certain product types are rapidly diminishing and they have to come up with new sources of revenue.

As a person who likes challenges and everything that is new, swap to a publishing company was an obvious choice. I see a lot of this in the publishing industry, as print on demand, e-commerce and e-books make books more widely available, easier to find and buy. This requires new kind set skills from the publisher. I also have a lot of respect for all the work that publishers have done for decades, like marketing people, publishing editors and graphical designers. These services will stay the corner-stone of book publishing in the future, even though media and sales channels might change.

I think Mike Shatzkin said it well by stating:

“Anybody who doesn’t find the publishing business interesting in its time of digital change is simply not paying close enough attention.”


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