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Whats up with Amazon imprints

Lot of buzz has been around Amazon lately, not just around ever-increasing sales of ebooks. Amazon has announced quite a few imprints including Montlake for romance novels and Thomas & Mercer for thrillers and mysteries which already signed the self-publishing evangelist J. A. Konrath. You thought that Amazon was still missing a general trade imprint, but soon that will be covered up as well. Now Amazon hired the former CEO of Time Warner Publishing who will most likely lead a new general imprint for Amazon. I have read that all publishers visiting the BookExpo America were bit worried by the news. Now they are facing even more stiff competition from Amazon.

This will have multiple effects in the American book publishing and retail sector, which I have not quite grasped and understood yet. Seems like the opinion on these acquisitions depends so much from whom you maybe asking (publisher, major or indie retailer, author). But what is interesting how different is the Amazon approach in the publishing business. They started from the distribution and storefront and now moving to offer services that are key elements to a publisher, like editorial services. For any aspiring self-author that sounds pretty much like a turn-key solution.


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